What to Consider During Guide Rail Installation?

Things to Keep in Mind

The guide rail is a part of the track system. It is designed to help your train run smoothly and safely. It keeps your carriages on track and prevents derailments. Guide rails should be in place before you can install the points. That is why a professional track contractor must be involved in the whole process. If you are eager to install your railings on your own, here are some things that you need to consider during the guide rail installation.


The width of the railing is the first item to consider. Size-wise, this ought to do the trick. Otherwise, it will lead to problems down the line. This will make it tough to keep your trains moving. Because of this, it’s crucial to accurately gauge the size of the railing’s guide. The size should be your top priority.


The rail’s construction material must be taken into account. Round steel, flat steel, and I-beams are all used to make different types of guide rails. Each one is unique. The decision-making process requires investigation. If you want good advice, you should talk to an expert.


The next thing to consider is the grade of the rail. This is the slope of the rail. It is the percentage that the rail will have. If you have a steep grade, you might need to choose a different type of guide rail. If you get this right, you will never have an issue during your train operations.


The location of the rail is another thing to think about. The guide rail should be installed in the right place. If it is not, the whole rail is useless. You need expertise in rail placement, both theoretical and practical. If you don’t have any experience, it’s best to ask someone who does.

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