Tips to Avoid an Untimely Fence Repair

Maintaining Your Fence

Fences are practical tools for establishing boundaries, containing animals, and preventing trespassers. In today’s society, fences can represent a homeowner’s status, riches, and patriotism. This tendency is exemplified by the traditional meaning of the phrase “a house with a white picket fence.” However, if you don’t keep up with routine maintenance, your fence will lose its white color. Here are some future-proof maintenance tips to avoid costly fence repair:

Prune trees near your fences.

A home with attractive landscaping and plenty of green space can give its owners a sense of pride. However, before you start planting, you need to take your fence into account. The maintenance of a fence is made more difficult by the presence of trees whose branches dangle over it. Fence repairs may be necessary if your area frequently suffers storms and branches fall on the fence. You should also place your shrubs at a safe distance from your fence to prevent scratches.

Watch for rust.

It is especially crucial to check for corrosion on vinyl or metal fences. If the inner layer of the fence has been exposed to air and water, rust will spread slowly but steadily. Fortunately, rust areas are much simpler to fix if they are attended to as soon as they emerge. If you want to keep the rust from destroying your fence, you’ll need to deal with it promptly.

Wash your fence regularly.

Washing your fence periodically keeps it clean and beautiful. Every year, wash your fence. Power cleaning may make fences seem new. Power washing may remove dust, dirt, grime, flaking paint, rust, and other undesirable items from your fences.

Conduct routine inspections.

Inspecting your fence is the first step in fence maintenance. Periodically conducting a visual inspection of your fence helps ensure that the aforementioned problems have been resolved. Occasionally, you should inspect the perimeter of your fence for rust, broken pieces, overhanging branches, peeling paint, holes, and other issues. Early detection of these issues will save you a world of trouble in the future and prolong the life of your fence.

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